8/25/2015 — Yellowstone Alert — Man + Dogs burned alive in Challis Idaho hot springs — Earthquake Swarm Location

Video report here:


A man hiking in the Idaho “Salmon” wilderness around Challis, ID suffered severe burns, and his dogs were burned alive after jumping into a volcanic hot springs normally fit for human swimming.

challis idaho

Above: Google Earth view of the Challis Idaho region, part of the Western Yellowstone magma chamber, also experiencing a noteworthy earthquake swarm over the past several months


Challis Idaho is a location I have covered in detail for the past 2 years due to a large EARTHQUAKE SWARM which has been happening in the area.

Long time viewers will know about this central Idaho location due to my past coverage of this exact area.  This hot springs spot is the location hit by the swarm of Earthquakes over the past several months!

The man + dogs were burned in the Salmon Wilderness near Challis Idaho along the deep Western edge of the Yellowstone supervolcano magma chamber.

The magma chamber has been confirmed to reach down over 30 miles, and cover an area the size of 11 Grand Canyons (filled with magma).

4.7 yellowstone idaho earthquake april 14 2014


The magma chamber for Yellowstone is confirmed to reach far West into Central Idaho, and North into Montana.

First the earthquake swarms struck, now the hot springs are boiling where they’re normally just warm.

These are signs of magma movement associated with the Yellowstone supervolcano.   Shallow magma is causing major heating, thus causing earthquakes, and hot springs to have major issues.

See the 2015 measurements of Yellowstones magma chamber here:


Not by coincidence, we should also make note that the USGS has also installed new monitoring equipment around Challis Idaho in the middle of last year (2014) due to the unexpected  earthquake swarm which struck the location.

I made multiple videos showing the earthquake swarm in Challis, and talked about the new monitoring equipment as well.

See a video report on the location here:


It is very troubling to see this new hot springs burning news, since both dogs died of horrible burns, and the man is in critical condition after trying to save them.

This whole scenario sounds familiar – doesn’t it?!

This sounds like a movie I remember called Dante’s peak.

The movie involves a plot around an earthquake swarm striking near a volcano, a scientist warning about eruption (but the USGS won’t listen), and then a couple of people dive into a normally warm hot springs, and are boiled alive.

Am I the 21st century version of Dr. Harry Dalton from the movie Dante’s peak?  Sure hope not.

Please don’t make me drive across lava to be listened to.  Be prepared now.

Ignoring this would be foolish in my opinion, and dismissing it as heating due to LACK of “cool water” flowing in, doesn’t cut it as “science” in my book.

A first hand study of the location is needed before anyone tries to claim this is just “chance”.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you .. please stay calm…

Hope I don’t have to end up screaming it…. PLEASE ! STAY CALM!

(It has come to my attention from a viewer – Dante’s peak , ironically, was filmed in Northern Idaho)


Full story below:

August 25, 2015


“SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – A man hiking through a national forest in Idaho suffered severe burns and his two dogs were scalded to death when both canines plunged into a hot spring and he jumped in after them to try to save his pets, authorities said on Tuesday.

The freak accident occurred last week in the Panther Creek Hot Springs, a popular spot in the sprawling Salmon-Challis National Forest, about 50 miles (80 km) northwest of the tourist town of Salmon in east-central Idaho.

Temperatures at Panther Creek, usually mild enough for human bathing, had apparently grown dangerously high, possibly from drought conditions that may have curtailed cool water flows that normally mix with the springs’ geothermally heated groundwater, forest spokeswoman Amy Baumer said.

The hiker, who was not publicly identified, was out walking through the mountains with his dogs last Thursday when both pets leaped into the hot springs, killing one animal outright and prompting the man to plunge into the searing water to rescue the other, authorities said.

The second dog later died of its burns after being taken to veterinarians for emergency treatment.

While forest visitors are advised to test the temperature of hot springs before immersing themselves, the injured hiker acted on instinct in an attempt to save his pet, Lemhi County Chief Deputy Sheriff Steve Penner said.

A U.S. Forest Service firefighting crew that happened to be in the area came to the man’s aid and arranged for a medical helicopter to fly him to a hospital for treatment of severe burns, according to Penner.

Panther Creek draws dozens of visitors annually, and forest managers were unaware of a similar incident ever occurring in the 107-year history of the Salmon-Challis, which spans 4.3 million acres (1.7 million hectares) and numerous hot springs, said Ken Gebhardt, a district ranger.

“The forest is very interested in doing what it can to better inform the public about this accident in hopes of preventing another tragedy,” he said.

Hot springs, the subject of travel guides and copious online commentary by outdoor enthusiasts, are widely dispersed across the Northern Rockies and other regions where volcanic activity and geothermal features are intertwined.”

8/23/2015 — Nepal hit by new earthquake — THREE DAY WARNING ISSUED prior to event — Forecast area direct hit

Just as we were expecting, and as the earthquake forecast called for…  new larger earthquake activity has returned to Nepal.

nepal 5.0 earthquake aug 23 2015

Measuring M5.0 , this new movement comes after a few months relative silence in the area, and it directly follows a text warning issued 3 days ago , and a video warning issued 2 days ago.

Both the text alert ,and  the video were made after a deep earthquake struck in the Asthenosphere below Japan a few days ago.

Each time we see a deep earthquake just West of Japan, it is causing a shallow larger earthquake near Nepal as the pressure is transferring WESTWARD across Asia from the Pacific.

Pressure is transferring across thousands of miles over the course of a short amount of time, causing earthquakes across vast distances.


Text Warning for Nepal issued on August 20, 2015 here:

Deep earthquake 240 miles below the area just WEST of Japan.Watch out Nepal, Taiwan, and the Izu Trench South of…

Posted by Dutchsinse on Thursday, August 20, 2015


Video warning for Nepal issued 2 days prior here:

(beginning at about 1min 30 sec in the video)


Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 5.0 mb± 0.0
Location/uncertainty 27.850°N 86.059°E± 10.7 km
Depth/uncertainty 35.0 km± 1.9
Origin Time 2015-08-23 09:02:09.040 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 98
Minimum Distance 1383.03 km (12.42°)
Travel Time Residual 0.92 sec
Azimuthal Gap 100°
FE Region Nepal (310)



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8/22/2015 — How do we change our society, and stop corruption when violent revolution is not a viable option?



How do we change our society , and stop corruption in government when violent revolution is not a viable option?


I asked this in my previous post… the answer is this:

(We must) Apply MUCH LOVE to our fellow citizens while waking them up to the reality of what we need to do to change things.

We need a strong morally upright non-greedy non-political group to step in, arrest all known corrupt individuals in power, even corporations to some extent.

Then, new representatives must be elected and sworn to new rules that carry legal consequences if they’re caught being corrupt going forward.

Not just fines, but mandatory minimum time in jail for cops, judges, lawyers, and politicians who get caught violating the constitution, or corruption laws we pass.

We need to also have the supreme court on the chopping block legally speaking.. and have the ability to vote to overturn the courts in the local, state, and national level EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

New rules need to be made, with new ways to monitor these people.. MONITOR the police, monitor the military, and monitor lawmakers, lawyers, and judges. Every year these people should be elected by vote and hefty debate based upon their previous years performance.

We should also have a new law which REQUIRES all citizens to vote under penalty of jail time, once a month.. you have to vote on all things, and you should get paid an hourly rate to take a day off once a month to do your voting.

All votes should be private, unless you want to share the information, and all votes should be tallied publicly under heavy scrutiny.

We can cut a few new F-35 jets to pay for the whole thing.

If anyone disagrees with my ideas, please venture your own.

The discussion of WHAT to do begins today.

Remember, violence is not an option, since you cannot change minds, hearts, or develop new LAWS using violence. We must collectively come together now and admit we’ve been wrong the past 150+ years since the civil war.

We’ve done so much collective wrong as a society, we need to all own the fact that we allowed things to get this way because we didn’t get involved or speak up until it was too late.

Imagine a giant crack in the foundation of a classic beautiful victorian mansion home. Imagine that you ignore the crack, and let it grow.. eventually the house begins to sag, and the beautiful historic home becomes a falling down mess.

We can’t scrap the house since we don’t have anywhere to go, and we can’t ignore the problem any longer…. therefore we have to restore and refurbish (in some cases replace) whole components of the house, shore up the foundation, fix the cracks, and do a full facelift on this classic house to get it back to its full glory.

It’s going to take a lot of hard work, a good plan to follow, lots of demolition, but the load bearing walls are going to have to stay the same.

We need new plaster work, new floor finishing, trim work, new wooden door to replace the cheap interior 1990’s home depot faux wood crappers…. maybe even a classic restored victorian kitchen + bathroom with clawfoot tub is in order.

Once we start talking about fixing this place up, we can can go from confusion and chaos to order and a plan to follow.


Using the classic victorian house analogy a bit more:

The New World Order apartment complex association wants to come in and tear the victorian mansion down.

They want to build a huge concrete eyesore with adjoined housing which they will market to illegal immigrants, and get you to live in less space (while paying you less as well).

Meanwhile the owners of the NWO apartment complex will live in their own NEW mansions built out along the countryside , far away from their planned concrete community eyesore.


IF they tear down the victorian mansion, we’ll be homeless until they provide us with this new Stack + Pack concrete community coffin to live in.

Do you want to remodel our house, and fix the problems, set it up to survive for the next 150 years, or are you going to take the cheap+easy way out, wreck your inheritance, and turn it over to big brother to save a buck or two in the short term?

I know you will make the right choice once you realize your own life is on the line at this point, your own things, your own families well being — if you don’t do something now, in 10-20 years you won’t be able to do anything at all to stop this out of control situation.

We’re not talking about having to wait 50-100 years to see our foundation crumble, and the house collapse….

The NWO apartment association is just waiting for us to let the house crumble , then they can have it publicly condemned, and sold via auction for back due taxes.

We can’t let this happen!


We all need to volunteer in this community remodeling job currently at hand — and, by the way — I know a good carpenter — he’s a spanish/middle eastern looking guy who goes by the name Je’sus

He said something about the love of money being evil? This is a rare find among independent contractors!

To top it off, he’s a cool guy, he likes to fish, so I have a new fishing buddy!

How Ironic, we met him by chance over a cup of wine..

8/22/2015 — Noteworthy M4.4 earthquake strikes Oklahoma / Kansas at Midwest FRACKING operation — Forecast hit

A noteworthy midwest M4.4 earthquake has struck the fracking operations located at the Oklahoma / Kansas border.

This was FORECAST to occur yesterday.  A full 24 hour warning was issued for this event.

M4.4 oklahoma aug 22 2015


See the earthquake forecast for the United States below – warning issued August 21, 2015 – calling for mid M4.0 earthquake activity to strike near the Oklahoma / Kansas border this week.

As the video above says, the mid-M4.0 earthquake activity was expected to strike at the fracking operations due to excessive craton pressure showing in the midwest United States.

Seismic unrest showed up across Colorado (M3.9), Oklahoma (M3.9), Nebraska (M3.7), and even across Texas as the Fort Stockton fracking operations.

This midwest unrest has now given way to another “super-fracture”.

Super-fractures occur when one well gives way with a large earthquake, cracking casements on OTHER wells, which then causes additional earthquake activity (domino effect).


Information on this earthquake fromm the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 4.4 mwr± 0.0
Location/uncertainty 36.819°N 97.784°W± 2.7 km
Depth/uncertainty 3.1 km± 4.7
Origin Time 2015-08-22 08:46:49.450 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 166
Minimum Distance 7.57 km (0.07°)
Travel Time Residual 0.60 sec
Azimuthal Gap 21°
FE Region Oklahoma (499)



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8/21/2015 — EPA delivers Toxic Oil / Fracking water tanks to Navajo Indians for PUBLIC USE

This is insane.

Video report here:


The Environmental Protection Agency caused a toxic water spill into the Animas river, which feeds the Navajo Indian Nation with water.

The spill was blamed on an “old Gold mine” which somehow had toxic water released by the EPA during an inspection of a well / mine location.

When the EPA did their inspection of this supposed “Gold King Mine”,  they somehow released millions of gallons of toxic water into the Animas river.   The toxic spill thus cut off the water supply to the people down stream.


Being that the EPA was responsible for the release of the toxic water, they are responsible for getting fresh water to the people cut off further down the river.

The American Indian Navajo Nation trusted the EPA / US Government would do the right thing — that the culprits of the spill would be held responsible, and they would bring in fresh water for public use while the whole mess is cleaned up.


The Navajo Nation received ‘water’ for public use as was promised.

Unfortunately, the water was delivered in USED OIL WELL / FRACKING WASTEWATER TANKS!

Search “Gunbarrel Oil separator tanks” to see many examples.

The “water” sent to the Indian nation for crop, and animal use was literally sent in unwashed oil tanks — still filled partially with petroleum, and toxic chemicals. (This toxic “water” is not even safe to the touch for humans , animals, or plants / crops)

animas river oil scandal


Over the past several years I have covered the fracking / oil pumping earthquake issue.  Particularly in areas like Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

We have seen these tanks over, and over again across multiple regions.

When I heard that the EPA delivered public use water in OLD oil well tanks, I couldn’t believe it.  After inspection of the video, and pictures of the tanks, no doubt about it — the Indian Nation was delivered water that would be considered toxic under any circumstance.

I’m am starting to wonder if this “Gold mine” toxic water spill was really a FRACKING / OIL pumping operation break — and they are now delivering fracking wastewater tanks in the hopes that the Indians will spread it out across the land so that the chemicals in the Animas cannot be traced back to the OIL PUMPING OPERATIONS up stream.

fracking colorado 4 corners animas river methane nasa noaa

Ironically, this is the same location which is LEAKING large volumes of methane to the point where NOAA + NASA are doing studies right now (2015) to find out why the methane is leaking out.

If methane is leaking from these large operations near the Animas river, it logically follows that wastewater in the gas wells would also leak out into the environment.

See the whole article and my video on this region from earlier this year (April 2015):

I’m venturing a guess that if the water in the Animas was tested , and you looked for oil pumping / gas well operation chemcials .. that you’d find out a giant WASTEWATER DISPOSAL WELL must have broke when the EPA was inspecting it.

Was it a Gold mine, or was it a large wastewater disposal well?

Delivering wastewater oil separator tanks for public use is suspicious , and highly questionable.  An accident?  I don’t believe anyone could make this kind of “mistake”.

Filling Oil tanks with water and giving it to Indians to use on Crops / Animals?!   Even a 5 year old would know this was wrong.


See Professor Doom’s video here:


Full Navajo Nation facebook post here:



Another full post from the Navajo Nation here:



Main stream media report on the event here:


“A contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency delivered nine large tanks of water to the Navajo Nation Friday, promising fresh, clean water. But the Navajo Nation, already skeptical of the EPA’s response to the Gold King mine spill, say the tanks are dirty oilfield tanks and are now even further incensed.

The water in the tanks – intended for crops and livestock – is brown and smells, and the tank it came in is far from clean.

“The EPA told us that these tanks hold only clean water for drinking,” said Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye. “Clearly it is just a lie. Clearly, it is an oil tank. That’s what it is.”

Farmers and ranchers on the Navajo Nation were promised safe, clean water. Instead, the EPA gave them nine tanks of brown water that Begaye said he found oil remnants in.

Now, Navajo officials are telling farmers not to use the water from the tank, and President Begaye is asking the EPA to remove them from the Navajo Nation completely.

“They lied to us, that’s what it is. Clearly, they lied to us and it is unacceptable,” President Begaye said.

The situation is critical as acres and acres of Navajo farmland bakes in the sun.

“Our No. 1 priority is to deliver water to our cropts to save some,” said Joe Ben, Jr., the Shiprock Farm Board representative.

Ben says they need immediate relief and Wednesday called for help from anyone with water-hauling capabilities.

“Bring your trucks and trailers to haul water,” Ben said. “Never mind the government; they are failing us.”

While president Begaye calls for the EPA to make this right, Ben just hopes there will be enough water to salvage some of this season’s crop.

“Before you do anything on our nation, we will double-check our figures, because now, we don’t believe you,” Begaye said.

“Let’s harvest enough to continue our culture,” Ben said.

KOB reached out to the EPA Wednesday about the dirty tanks, but have not heard back.”